Friday, May 10, 2013

Patio Bench

Well our wonderful warm weather has turned cold again. My car said 39 degrees today! My daughter went to school in her winter coat today, it is May, that should not happen. Hopefully warm weather will be back soon so we can get outside and enjoy our new table and bench.

We used the plans from Ana White for the bench, her plans are here.

Here is my Dad working on the bench. It took just as long as the table because I think their are about the same number of pieces. We added 18" just like the table and we used 2x4's for the legs instead of 1x4's. My Dad also added some supports to the legs to make sure they were really sturdy since they were so long.

 I just LOVE how it turned out. The kids and I can sit on it with room to spare, it is huge!
 I am doing some final touch up staining.

Now we just need a new umbrella stand, preferably one that does not rust, and we need to paint the chairs. We are thinking red. I can't wait to get this area ready for summer barbeques!

Hope it is warm where you are so you can get outside and enjoy!



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