Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lampshade Upgrade

The kids and I had such a great week last week visiting my parents. It is always fun for everyone to get away from our daily routine. Once the kids found a frog pond in my parents back yard they were not ready to come home, they could have lived there. It is always great to get home but not always great to get back to laundry, dishes, cleaning and homework.

 I have so many projects I want to do around the house if only I had more time. So this week I started with my daughters lamp. My daughter had to have it because it was pink but it is kind of boring. Enter Ric Rack (which I love).
Here is the lamp before:

 Pretty simple, it needs a little something.

So I measured one inch from the bottom and marked with a pencil all the way around. I knew if I just slapped it on it would look all wonky (that might not actually be a real word, but you know what I mean).

 Here are my supplies: I used jumbo ric rack (5/8") in leaf green from Walmart, it was $1.66. I switched the glue because when I opened the bottle it was all dried out, so I used tacky glue and it worked just fine. I melted the end of the ribbon with a lighter so it would not fray.

I painted the glue on so I wouldn't get too much and have it seep out the edged.

I am really happy with how it turned out and more importantly so is my daughter. It gives it just a little something extra. Now I need to find more projects to use ric rack in here, I just love it for a little girls room.



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