Friday, July 12, 2013

Ikea Art Hanger

Hello all,
Well today the cement guys returned, YAY! The back patio is getting closer to being done, it has only taken 4 weeks. But I am not going to do cartwheels yet since they still have to come back tomorrow to finish putting on the color.  (ok I am probably not going to do cartwheels since now that I am old they hurt, so probably just a happy dance).

So in the mean time I am working on other little projects. The hubby and I went to Ikea in May while we were visiting his parents and we picked up some Deka art/picture hangers to hang the kids art from.

We already put their art on the back door with magnets, but it always looks messy and crowded. (I took some art down before the picture because it was just too crowded).

I have been asking my husband to put these up for while, but it just never made his list. So this week I decided to do it myself. Now I have used the drill a few times but not usually to drill holes in the wall. Just little things like taking a screw out. So this was my project start to finish, I even pulled out the laser level (yay me!) And it all worked! I am sure it took 3 times longer to do than if the Hubby had done it but you have so to start somewhere.

So to start I put in the base brackets, 4 of them.

Then I had to feed the wire through the caps and screw them on the brackets. It took a couple times to get the tension of the wire right, but I really like the end result.

Now I feel like I can see the art better, and I get my door back. I have been wanting to paint the door but with all the art on it is didn't seem worth it. Plus all the magnets would have scratched the paint.

I also had to put a door stopper in the baseboard because the one we had that goes in the hinge (you can see it at the top hinge) did not stop excited children from putting the door knob through the wall, twice. Plus the brackets stick out a ways and would probably dent the door. So I finally put in the door stop that has been sitting on the counter for months. By the way we still have a hole in the wall because my Hubby was not going to fix it until the door was fixed. Now the art covers it so it could be a while before that is filled.

I am really liking this spot now. I think is needs a new fun rug and I really want to add a chalkboard wall but I don't think it will work well on a textured wall. The wall I have in mind has a pocket door in it too and I am so afraid to put anything on this wall in case screws go in too far and scratch the door. Maybe I can come up with something light weight and use 3M picture hangers, hmmm.

Has anyone done a chalkboard wall on a textured wall? Did it turn out? Is anyone else afraid to put something on a wall with a pocket door? Or is it just me?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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