Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Patio Progress

We have a decent size patio but it is not large enough for lounging and dinning so we decided to enlarge it. Just like all big projects we do I get super excited and can't wait for them to get done. And then when they are not done as perfectly as I had envisioned or I see new projects that crops up because of the first one I get a little discouraged and overwhelmed.

Our new patio we just had poured is the perfect example.

Here is our back yard before:

It looks very crowded in this picture. The round black table is our old table that I have been using for painting and staining projects. I might spray paint it and use it for entertaining since we won't be able to buy patio furniture this year. 

Here is some progress, if you want to call it that.

Here is after the cement is poured. We went with a colored concrete with a trowel finish since we were adding on to our existing patio we knew we could not match it, so we went totally different. The problem is they ran out of concrete and had to order more, but by the time the concrete arrived it had already dried enough that they could not blend it in.

So one corner looks like this:

Now they are going to fix it by putting a coating over the whole thing.  So I am assured it will look great when they are all done. But we have to wait 2 more weeks before they can even start that process.  So the party I was considering for the 4th is now off the table, bummer.

Here is an after picture of when the cement is dry. We love the shape and the extra space it provides, I can't wait to use it. The corner is also a little messed up so we will have to camouflage that with landscaping, hopefully.

So I just have to change gears and focus on repairs instead of fun things like landscaping and patio planning. Well I can still do some patio planning and dreaming. Maybe I can do my first mood board with my patio. Patience is something I need to work on anyway, I guess this is just more practice.

Do you ever have a project you are so excited about you forget all the finish work that needs to be done?


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