Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pink and Navy Birthday Party

We had such a fun weekend celebrating my daughters 4th Birthday. I can't believe my baby is 4! I don't think it is going to get any easier. Time is going too fast and school will start soon and then it feel like it goes even faster.

I love decorating for the kids birthdays. It is always a fun project I can involve them in. They always help pick the theme or colors, sometimes with a little help (or coaxing) from me of course. The girls always want pink on pink on pink. So I have to help with an accent color.  I apologize in advance for picture overload.

First, here is the wreath I made last year, pre-blogging. It was easy to make and is so festive.

My daughter agreed to pink and navy so I made her birthday banner first. I have my Mother in Laws Cricuit on loan so this project was pretty fast and easy.

I used left over scrapbook paper to make a pennant banner for the mantle.

I added a few touches of pink and navy in the kitchen.

Here is the centerpiece with pink and white marshmallows. They were the perfect color and the kids enjoyed munching on them. I got the fabric at Joanns and just folded it to the right size.

We had to have a pink cake of course, with lots of sprinkles and pearl beads.  And the flags may or may not have caught fire, so make sure the flame on your lighter is not to large. Just a friendly warning I am not saying that actually happened!
Such a cutie! I can't believe she is 4!

This coming weekend is our Backyard BBQ and I am so excited. I have been playing with lighting the back patio and if I can figure out how to plug everything in I will be good. Lots of planning this week. The only sad thing is that it is the last weekend of summer. I am ready for school to start and get back into a routine but I will miss my kids so much.

Do you have any Labor Day plans? Has anyone added party lights to your back patio? What did you do?


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