Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Let's paint some furniture!

I can't believe it is August and this is the first piece of furniture I have painted. It has been a slow start to furniture painting this summer and at this rate I will be lucky to get one more piece painted before it gets too cold. If you live in Wisconsin you know what I mean.

My daughters night stand has been on the painting list since last summer. The wood stain did match the rest of trim but the teeth marks in the top did not look so attractive. And now that she is 6 I think we are past the stage of biting everything. in. sight. I also want to lighten up her furniture because her bedroom is so small I am hoping lighter furniture will at least make it feel more airy.

Here is a before picture:

I love this project because it was free. Last winter I found a coupon for a free quart of paint from ACE Hardware. It was a flat paint which I really don't like but figured I could use it on furniture since I put a coat of polyurethane over top anyway.

So a few weeks ago I went back to ACE to have them color the paint for me since I had decided on a color. I went with Alabaster from Sherwin Williams, it is my favorite off white. All the other supplies I had left over from previous projects.

The paint had a primer in it so I was excited to paint without using a primer. I took the knobs off and  sanded the piece down with a mouse sander. I just wanted to rough it up and get the first layer off. I wiped it down with a damp cloth and let it dry really well.

Then I brushed the paint on where I could not roll it.  I used a small foam roller to roll the drawers, top and sides. The first coat of paint always looks like crap and even though this paint had a primer in it, it still needed three coats. I was not that impressed with this paint.

Here is after the first coat:
So after three coats it turned out really nice! And best of all my daughter loves it. Now maybe she will be better at keeping the drawers organized.

I sanded then painted the knobs pink with the same paint as her walls. It is called Charming Pink by Sherwin Williams. Someday maybe we will change them out for some pretty sparkly knobs.

Have you painted any furniture lately? or maybe a smaller project?

Have a wonderful week, I will be back next week. We are headed on a fun weekend getaway with the family. We just have to get through the 8 hour drive first!


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