Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Decorating

We have had the most glorious fall weekend! Beautiful sunny cool day on Saturday, great for watching my sons football game. Then cooler and rainy to start on Sunday then sunny in the afternoon. I just love fall! It is about time for a carmel apple spice from Starbucks, maybe this week if it gets cool enough.

Usually I am ready to decorate for Fall as soon as the kids start school, but for some reason this year I have been slower. I always wait as long as I can to plant mums in the pots so they last longer but this year I am needing a little push. Decorating for fall is always a little funny to me, because I decorate for fall in September then Halloween in October then back to fall in November.  Seems like a lot of work. I guess that is why I don't have a lot of fall decorations and up until last year I didn't have any Halloween decorations. So this is a new problem for me I guess. What do you do in the fall with decorating?

Here are a few ways I have decorated around my house for fall, I hope you find some inspiration.

Here is my mantle with bundles of wheat from Steins. I got them last year on clearance. I made the leaf garland from yarn and felt and the small pumpkins I made last year also (pre-blogging) from velvet and sticks. On a side note I covet all the white mantles and trim I see out there but our house came with wood, which my husband loves. So it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Now it seems my main goal in our house is to lighten everything up because the wood makes everything dark. And the stain is a little orangey so that doesn't help.  Now back to fall decorations.

I love these little velvet pumpkins. I went a little crazy last year and made a whole bunch, they are all over the house. I used a bowl as a template to draw circles on the velvet, then cut them out. I stitched around the perimeter of the velvet then pulled them a little tight. I added some beans in the bottom to give them some weight then filled them with stuffing. I collected sticks from the park and squirted hot glue in before the sticks to really hold them in place. Finally I pulled the strings tight and tied them up. Pretty easy, I may need to make some bigger ones this year.

For the wooden box I have under the TV I pulled out my Hydrangeas and put in pumpkins and pine cones.

The box is a little deep so I used some packing paper to raise the pumpkins and pine cones up to the right level. You can only see it if you are standing right over top of it though.

Sometimes just the simplest touch is all you need. I loved adding just this one small pumpkin to the curio cabinet.
And for one more little pumpkin, I just love them.

How do you decorate for fall? Do you go all out or do you get messed up by Halloween also?
I am off to buy my mums for the front pots, then it will feel more like fall.


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