Thursday, February 13, 2014

Simple Valentines Decor

Happy Valentines Day! I know, I know I am a day early, better to be early though. Actually, I am late because I wanted to post this last week so you could use some of these ideas. You will have to file it away until next year.

I don't decorate much for Valentines Day, just a few things here and there. We don't really do much around here to celebrate either. Some years we go out sometimes not, just depends on if it works or not. It is more fun for the kids. They love their class parties and picking out the Valentines. I remember the class parties as a kid. Good memories, what fun!

I made my wreath the same way I made my winter wreath, but used a heart shaped foam form instead.

simple valentines decor - the colored door

I love my garland and it was very easy to make. Using a template (because I don't do freehand well) I cut hearts out of felt in two different sizes. I glued two of the same size together and then used embroidery floss to add a nice detail around the edges. I glued two together because they were too flimsy by themselves. If you used thicker, nicer felt you wouldn't need to do that. Then I just stitched them onto the ribbon. 

valentines garland - the colored door

Valentines garland - the colored door

I made this felt ball the same way as the wreath just used a ball instead, duh!

Valentines decor - the colored door

I pulled out my chipboard letters again and made a new sign. My old one was from Christmas. I love these letters! So many options.

Valentines Decor - the colored door

I changed my chalkboard because Baby it IS cold outside, actually it is freezing! I keep hearing it will be 30 next week. I will believe it when I see it, 30s would be so nice.
I added some pom poms across the top. I used a fork to make them. Have you seen that? I saw it on Pinterest of course, but my link goes to nowhere, don't you hate that. I just wrapped yarn around the fork and then tied them up. I really like how they came out and you can pick your own colors, perfect.

Valenties poms - the colored door

Valentines poms - the colored door

Valentines decor - the colored door

I hope you have a fun Valentines Day! Do you have big plans? Or is it more for the kids in your house?

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