Thursday, September 26, 2013

Using What you Have

When ever I start a project I always try to think about what I have first. I hate going to the store and coming back to find something that would have worked, that I already owned. So I am getting much better at shopping my house first.

When I finished my chevron painting I really wanted to use it on my mantle, but it was too small to use by itself. I had a few ideas but I needed something square to balance it off and fill up the space.  I first cut a cardboard box apart but it just wasn't big enough. So I starting looking around the house and I found this:

I still like this print so I didn't want to paint over it, so I decided to turn it over.

chalkboard for mantle

I painted the back with chalkboard paint. I used two coats and even though the back was not in perfect condition you really can't tell with the flat chalkboard paint.

I used Valspar chalkboard paint:

And here is the chalkboard in use on the mantle! I love using what I already have and I can flip is back over and use the other side when I am done with the chalkboard, perfect!

chalkboard on mantle

I hope you are having a wonderful fall day!


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