Thursday, May 8, 2014

Baskets with Wheels

Spring, if that is what you want to call it, is so unpredictable. The other day is was warm in the 50's and sunny then yesterday was stormy, windy and cold and now today is supposed to be 76 degrees. I really have to check the weather everyday just to see how to dress. I am hoping warm weather is close but I think it will be a few weeks yet. Patience. Good weather for working inside I guess, so I have been busy.

My middle daughter has the smallest bedroom and finding storage for all her precious collections is not easy. She has a bed, dresser and nightstand in her room and that is all that will fit. We added some book ledges since she had no room for a bookshelf. And the ledges are working out awesome. She loves keeping her books in her room. Her closet is a good size so I imagine we will need to put more organization in there so we can get rid of her dresser and get her a desk someday. But for now I am trying to be creative. Last week I popped into the Goodwill and found two cute baskets in excellent shape. I knew I wanted to put them under her bed for more storage but was worried about her being able to easily access them without damaging them. Then it dawned on me "casters"!  So I snatched them up.

Adding casters to baskets - genius! The colored door

The baskets were $5 each and in great shape.

Adding casters to baskets - Great idea! The Colored Door

I bought light duty casters at Menards for a little less than $5 for 4.

Adding casters to baskets - great idea! The colored door

I pulled out my trusty hot glue gun and it worked great.

Adding casters to baskets - Great idea! The colored door

Because the basket is not level on the bottom I added lots of extra glue to hopefully hold it in place.

Adding casters to baskets - Awesome! The colored door

adding casters to baskets - perfect! The colored door

They fit perfectly under her bed and are easy to pull in and out. Her bed is raised pretty high off the ground. It is half of a bunk bed so it is adjustable and her heat register is under her bed so we thought it would help having the bed higher to let the air escape.

Adding casters to baskets - awesome idea! The colored door

It is the prefect place to store some precious stuffed animals and keep things off the floor.

Adding casters to baskets - the perfect kids storage! The colored door

adding casters to baskets, perfect for kids storage - the colored door

So as long as I can keep the kids from going for "rides" in the baskets they should hold up well. I have specifically NOT told my son about his sisters new baskets. That may be too tempting for him.

So have you found any good treasures thrifting lately? Garage sale season is here and I have yet to make it to any. Maybe this weekend, I need to start scouting for neighborhood sales.

Have a Wonderful Day!

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  1. Heather @ Encouraged at HomeMay 8, 2014 at 9:19 PM

    Smart modification. I have 3 boys, so I very much understand you not letting your son know about them. Ha! I, too, love garage sales and hit my first ones last weekend. Fun!

  2. Thanks Heather! Luckily he still doesn't notice the wheels, I guess it was good I stuck with small wheels. I need to get out to some garage sales or I will miss the season. Have a great day!


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