Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Wreath

I have a favorite summer wreath with rope and flags, here is the post, but it keeps falling off my door. It is a little bit heavy. So I have moved on to my next summer wreath. For some reason I really don't like my front door to be bare. This one was very easy and budget friendly too. And it was finished just in time for the 4th of July.

Summer Wreath | The Colored Door

I started out with a straw wreath form from Hobby Lobby but Walmart also has them.
Two bandanas from Hobby Lobby, in whatever color you want. And some red ribbon. I also used some scrap fabric and felt that I already had on hand.

Summer Wreath supplies | The colored door

I started out by cutting my bandanas into two inch strips. It didn't work out to an even number if I folded then exactly in half so my first cut is just a single strip not doubled over. I hope that makes sense.
Summer wreath | The Colored Door

I used straight pins to attach the strips to the form then wrapped it around and attached it with another straight pin at the end. It only took 2 bandanas.
Summer wreath | The Colored Door
I wanted to add some decoration to the front so I pulled out some red and white felt and traced a star with chalk. I did a couple different sizes.

sumer wreath - The colored door

I also wanted to add some flowers, I have seen these cute loopy flowers and this was the perfect chance to make some. I cut a 19" strip of felt that was 3.5" wide. I just guessed at what size would work so yours could be longer for a bigger flower or wider for a taller flower. I folded the felt in half and cut slits a little past half way down the whole length. Then I rolled it up adding hot glue along the way to hold it in place. I cut a small piece of felt to glue to the bottom to help hold it together. 

Summer Wreath- loopy felt flowers | The Colored Door
I also added some rosettes made out of fabric for more dimension. The white fabric is plain but the red fabric actually has snow flakes on it, so as long as the color is right it doesn't matter what is on the fabric. Just use what you have.  Everything was hot glued in place.

Summer wreath | The colored door

This turned out to be a fun little wreath and it is a lot lighter so hopefully it stays up all summer long.

Summer wreath | The colored door

Summer Wreath | The Colored Door

Have a wonderful week and 4th of July! I will be spending time with family and friends and no to-do lists!

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